Star Wars Battlefront 2-One of the Leading Games for Xbox One X Console

Word was released this afternoon that Xbox One X’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be one of the leading games for play once the Xbox One X is released in November 2017.  There’s a lot of great hype going on about it for many different reasons.  One of the reasons is that this game will provide a single player campaign.  This was one of the major gripes for Star Wars Battlefront both in Xbox One and PS4 formats and thank goodness the developers have finally heard the voices of the gamers.

But…that’s not all folks.  Another great game attribute is that this game will also have a much wider scope.  EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen had mentioned that Battlefront 2 will be a lot bigger as well as will have a lot of great new characters.  What do YOU think about the new Battlefront 2’s upcoming release this year?  Do you feel it will be a lot bigger and better than the regular SW Battlefront?  Give me your input in the comment box below.  May the Force be with you!