Major Sounding Update Set for Halo 5’s Warzone Mode

343 Industries (the Halo 5 developers) are going to continue to support the 2015 Xbox One shooter game.  This week, they have announced that they are planning a major sounding update for the Warzone mode.  One of the major designers have explained that there’s been ‘too many lopsided Warzone matches’ so the team is currently making some changes so there’s more of a ‘balanced’ experience.

It seems that as players became more skilled at the game mode, the battlefield changes along with it wasn’t benefiting every existing party which has caused the blowout scores to continually rise.  So the developer team is currently experimenting with some changes in order to expedite more balanced Warzone matches.

One of the changes will include an adjustment to the Req Level which awards will slowly increase like a ‘drip’ over the course of the match.  The Warzone Fight and Warzone Assault modes won’t be changing with this update.

Looking at the outside of the Warzone changes, 343 Industries is also working on an update tuning fourteen weapons and a powerup.  The updates will be targeted for this Fall(which means it’s coming up really soon!)

What do you think about the new updates and changes happening soon to Halo 5?  Please give me your input in the comment box; I would love to hear from you.