Battlefield 1 Has Engaged With 21 Million Players

Since its launch last year, Battlefield 1 has engaged with 21 million players and counting.  With just these statistics alone, it shows that this game forever continues to grow strong with lots of game player interaction.

You would think by now that the player base would start to fade a little but this is definitely not the case as this game continues to add new players and rekindle with older ones.  You can play this on your PC, your Xbox One (the only way to play it!) or on your PS4.  You can play with a swarm of players via multiplayer or game strong in campaign mode.  Whatever suits you at the time.

An expansion for the game will be added in August with new modes.  This will include larger battles via multiplayer, more warfare and some new war stories.  There’s a lot more to come for this game and the future for it seems pretty exciting.

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