Microsoft Making Major Updates To the Xbox One Today

Microsoft has been working hard lately with the attempt of improving the Xbox One dashboard to make it easier and faster to use.  In the very beginning once the Xbox One was released, navigating through with the controller made the entire experience very slow and pretty tiresome.  So Microsoft started to address the performance issues including some updates today that I would like to share with you:

  1. The guide is being moved again but it will be in horizontal order.  You can switch between the sections much easier and quicker than the way it was before even though it’s still in its similar fashion.
  2. Finding friends will be a little more difficult with this update, however the speed through the menus will supersede the irritation of going through several menus in deeper to find them.
  3. You can ‘pin’ your favorite gaming buddies to the home section alongside your favorite games and apps.  You will be able to see what game title your friend is playing through an activity feed on the pinned game.
  4. Notifications will also be displayed whenever your Xbox One is idle.

So, why the change?  The reason is to get everybody in preparation for the new Xbox One X console.  Games can be transferred easily with the new dashboard or you can copy games over a home network to another gaming console.  And you want to know what’s even MORE cool?  You can even download some 4K content games on the Xbox One ready to go for when the new Xbox One X arrives to your home.

Tell me what you think!  Do you like the new update?  Tell me about it by putting your comment into the comment box.  Happy Gaming!


FREE Accessories When You Buy the Xbox One S Console Bundle!

Happy Saturday folks!  Do you have the hankering to buy an Xbox One S anytime soon?  If so, you may want to take a look at this awesome Gears of War 4 Xbox One S console bundle.  Why you ask?  Because not only is it an awesome limited edition console,  but it also comes with a 1TB hard drive, a full download of Xbox One Gears of War 4, a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial, a 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray and a couple of FREE accessories-an Xbox One Chat Headset and an Xbox One Wireless Controller!

The Xbox One S is the only console that offers 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming and HDR.  If you are looking for much clear and visual effects on your TV for watching movies or for gaming, then you are going to enjoy the Ultra HD that this console offers.

You can also play all of your Xbox 360 games on this console and not have to worry about losing your saves, add-ons or hard-won achievements.  There are also easy to use family settings on the Xbox One S so that everyone in your family has perfect access to the right content appropriate for them.

The overall rating for this particular Xbox One S bundle is a 4.8 star review rating which means that 98% of consumers recommend this to a friend or family member.

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