Microsoft Rolls Out BIG Xbox One Update Today

When Microsoft delivers something BIG, they don’t hold back!  They announced as well as rolled out today a NEW update for the Xbox One console.

So, what kinds of things are we going to be seeing and experiencing with this new update?  Let me give you a bullet list of the different features that you are going to be able to utilize today and moving forward:

  • Get CREATIVE because you are going to be able to upload your OWN images to use as custom XBOX ONE avatars.  Those images can either be uploaded directly from your console, from your smartphone or a Windows 10 desktop/laptop and be able to use that image as your gamerpic.  Neat, huh? And not only that, but you are going to be able to use those SAME images if you choose for your Club’s background and profile pic as well.  Ya’ know, IF you want to.
  • You’re NOW going to have the ability to CO-STREAM on the console.  Yep!  You can have up to three users that will be able to stream together in a solo broadcast using the Mixer service.  You will be able to easily invite a gamer to co-stream with you simply by selecting that option from the user’s profile.  Are you wanting to look for other streams?  No problem.  Microsoft has now added a Mixer tab to to Club homepages which will give you much easier access to do just that.
  • Are you the type of gamer that likes to share your Xbox One with other users? Well, guess what?  With today’s update, you are going to be able to link your profile to a specific controller which will allow you to sign into the console automatically every time that you use it.  Are you wondering how to do this?  Let me tell you how: Go to Settings menu, select ‘Sign-In, security & passkey.’ Then select ‘this controller signs in’ and then ‘link controller’ to complete the rest of the process.  And there you go!
  • Have you been gettin’ the itchin’ to set up your own user-generated tournament in Killer Instinct?  Well, you can now!
  • You will also have the ability to share Looking-For-Group requests either on the Android app or the Xbox IOS.

Sounds pretty exciting, huh?  What do YOU think about the new update for the XO?  Please let me know in the comment box below and don’t forget to subscribe in the box on the right so you can stay up to date with news and new releases that are coming out real-time.

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